Carlos Pedrós Alió

Afiliación: Dept. Biología Marina y Oceanografía, Instituto de Ciencias del Mar, CSIC.

Campo de interés: Ecología microbiana acuática.


My scientific interest is to understand the ecology of aquatic microorganisms. Recently I have started to use genomics as a tool to generate hypotheses that can later be tested experimentally.

I also like to study extreme or unusual environments to throw light on the functioning of more conventional ones. For example, hypersaline systems, karstic lakes, or the Polar waters illuminate particular aspects of the ecology of microorganisms, that are more difficult to identify in temperate marine waters.

Another interest is in understanding the diversity of microorganisms, in particular the mechanisms maintainig a large number of rare bacteria in aquatic ecosystems.

I am also interested in outreach, relationships between art and science, biology of spirituality, fiction writing and birding.